Damage Indicator

Damage Indicator

Damage HUD facilitate / save the work of the creation of the 'Interface graphic' of damage system, with a clean HUD and all basic and advanced requirements such as is the "Damage indicator", is the best base to start and save the job of doing it yourself.


- UGUI and Unity 5 support.
- Damage Indicator Pointer.
- Blood and Edge screen.
- 2D and 3D style.
- FPS and TPS style.
- Death HUD.
- Smooth Shake Effect.
- Health and Attacker scripts examples.
- Show distance from attack.
- Easy implementation.
- Just two lines of code to use.
- Event system.
- Well commented code.
- Fully Customizable.

- To prevent the weight of the file is over than +20mb, we have added a most simple controller example in the package than in the demo, but this does not affect in anything the system functionality.
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