CiDy 2 v2.7.4

CiDy 2

CiDy 2 is a Unity Integrated City Designer – download Unity asset

CiDy 2 is a Full Integrated Urban Designer for Unity that allows you to create stunning Roads,sidewalks, place Prefab Buildings and Street Assets for your Mobile, VR, desktop and console scenes in a few minutes!

This editable city designer works right within Unity's own Scene View, there is no additional Applications needed for CiDy 2

CiDy creates editable Detailed Multi-Lane parametric roads, Intersections and Sidewalks.

Handles lot division in city blocks. Building placement on lots. Street light placement and clutter objects placement. ie(benches/trash cans)

Automatic Custom Theme Folders are Generated and the User can drag and drop desired prefabs into there respective Folders.

Procedural Spline Spawners can be attached to Roads for futher customization of the Following:

Procedural Power Lines, Guard Rails, Barriers and SideWalks.

User can also Choose Any Prefab to Be Spawned Along the Path with Offsets.

Tired of Flat Procedural Cities?

CiDy is Integrated with Unity Terrain and can blend your CiDy to unity terrains.

CiDy has many Compatible Assets, Which Include:

Map Magic 2, CiDy will Blend and clear Vegetation from Map Magic 2 Terrains.

GAIA 2 & GAIA PRO are Fully Integrated. CiDy 2 Automatically Generates Mask Textures and Updates the Scenes GAIA Biome Controller for you.

Removing the Need for Manually Creating and Adding Texture Masks to GAIA.

VEGETATION STUDIO & VSPRO: CiDy 2 will automatically create Vegetation Masks, culling the grass/trees away when generating procedural elements.

Simple Traffic System (STS): CiDy 2 will generate Traffic Routes and exposes this data through API. Simple Traffic System has a Config Mode and an Integration Packages that allows CiDy 2 and STS to have a One Button Click to Generate and Place Cars into your Scene. Creating and Connecting all the Traffic Data to the CiDy layout complete with Working Intersection Traffic Lights.

WARNING: CiDy 2 is full source code and has API calls available, However it does not Support Runtime Functions, This asset is for use only in the Unity Editor. CiDy is not able to Generate Cities in Game.

This asset uses "Clipper" under Boost Software License - Version 1;

This asset uses "StraightSkeletonNet" under Apache License 2.0;

This asset uses "Triangle.NET" under MIT License;

Asset version: 2.7.4
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