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Shapes is a real-time vector graphics library with high-quality line drawing and infinite resolution shapes, rendered with advanced anti-aliasing techniques

After Shader Forge, I wanted to make something different. It has bothered me for a long time that for some reason, html5 canvas is better at drawing primitives than Unity. I really wanted something to help us make those crisp lines, discs, polylines and, well, Shapes! So, here we are~

• High quality line drawing with arbitrary thickness with advanced anti-aliasing
• Thickness units can be specified meters, pixels or noots
• 2D Shapes such as Polyline, Disc, Arc, Pie, Rectangle, and more
• 3D Shapes such as Sphere, Torus, Cuboid, Cone, 3D line, and more
• Easy-to-use component-based shapes with tweakable parameters
• Source code included for maximum flexibility
• Immediate-mode API for code-based drawing, with scene view gizmo support
• Heavily GPU based. Tweaking parameters is practically free
• GPU instancing support
• URP & HDRP support
• Single-pass instanced VR rendering support

• No SVG support, Shapes is not designed to be an SVG asset importer/exporter
• No ECS support yet, because it seems to change every week
• No UI support in overlay mode, though you can use camera-based or world-space UI to work around it
• Applying custom shaders is currently difficult unless you know how to code shaders, since every shape has a very specialized shader

Asset version: 4.2.1
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