Databox - Data editor & save solution v1.3.0p2

Databox - Data editor & save solution

Databox – Data editor & save solution – download Unity asset

Every game relies on data. That's why we made Databox. A simple yet powerful data editor which allows you to manage and save all your data at one place. Use Databox for your game data, save games, game configurations, profiles, localisation...

✔ Intuitive data editor - Manage all your data in one place
✔ Scriptable object workflow
✔ Runtime editor - Edit your data directly in your builds
✔ Read and save data at runtime
✔ NEW Load and Save asynchronously
✔ Supports all common Unity types + custom classes
✔ Import from GOOGLE spreadsheet or local CSV file
✔ Cloud sync - sync data to your MySQL webserver
✔ XOR Encryption
✔ Static keys generator for accessing tables, entries and values (instead of strings)
✔ Demo scenes included
✔ PlayMaker support
✔ FlowReactor support
✔ Powered by FullSerializer and OdinSerializer

Runtime editor
Balancing a game can be quite a hard task. That's why Databox has an easy to use runtime editor. It allows you to view and modify all of your data in your runtime build in a similar way to the editor in Unity. This is a great way to modify values while play-testing your game and do some quick value testings.

Easily import Google spreadsheets into Databox without any complicated authentication steps.

The unique cloud feature allows you to upload and sync your data to your very own MySQL Webserver. This is very useful when working in a team or if you want to keep your game up to date even after release.

Asset version: 1.3.0p2
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