NWH Vehicle Physics 2 v1.9.3a

NWH Vehicle Physics 2

NWH Vehicle Physics 2 – download Unity asset

NWH Vehicle Physics 2 is a complete vehicle simulation package for Unity.
Realistic, easy to use and heavily customizable.

Key Features
• Easy and fast to set up with all the defaults loaded automatically and validation system that warns the developer about any setup issues.
• Modular vehicle architecture. Enable or disable parts of the vehicle as they are needed, either manually or through the built-in LOD system.
• Powertrain solver that features excellent performance, stability and physical accuracy.
• Custom physics sub-stepping solution.
• All aspects of the vehicle are adjustable at runtime - including powertrain, suspension, friction, effects, etc.
• External module system. Add or remove functionality as needed. Modules are easy to write and can modify almost any part of the vehicle behavior.
• Wheel Controller 3D is included and used instead of WheelCollider. It offers ground detection along the whole bottom half of the wheel, it is highly customizable and uses an advanced friction model.
• Per-wheel surface detection. Different friction curves, sounds and effects for each surface.
• Easily extendible interface based input system with support for standard Unity input, Unity's new Input System and mobile controls out of the box.
• Support for Logitech, Thrustmaster and other steering wheels with force feedback.
• Custom editors for all scripts make navigation through the asset easy. For this we developed NUI, an editor GUI framework, to keep the visual experience through the whole asset consistent.
• Support for 'Photon Unity Networking 2' and 'Mirror' multiplayer solutions.
• Highly optimized code runs on both desktop and mobile devices. Desktop demo uses under 0.5ms of total CPU time per frame for all vehicles combined.
• Everything seen in the demos is included in the package.
• Full C# source code included.

Asset version: 1.9.3a
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