Bakery Real-Time Preview v1.191

Bakery Real-Time Preview

Bakery Real-Time Preview – download Unity asset

Requires Bakery v1.71 or higher.
RTPreview is a real-time ray tracing plugin for Bakery Lightmapper that makes it possible to quickly visualize and tweak lighting for future lightmaps before baking them. RTPreview is not a production renderer, but a "how lightmapper sees your scene" kind of view. What you will see is what every traced ray sees in Bakery, meaning its main purpose is fine-tuning lighting and making sure your geometry and materials are properly represented. Similar to Bakery itself, RTPreview can take advantage of RTX hardware to render faster.
* Requires Bakery Lightmapper
* Documentation. make sure to read about functions and limitations

Asset version: 1.191
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