Impact - Physics Interaction System v1.9.5

Impact - Physics Interaction System

Impact - Physics Interaction System - download Unity asset

Impact is a powerful and flexible material-based interaction system for producing interactions such as audio, particle, and decal interactions.

So what can you do with Impact?

Here are just a few examples of how you can use Impact to spice up your game:

• Play audio when physics objects collide with each other with sounds based on the collision velocity and the objects' materials.
• Play sliding and rolling sounds.
• Emit particles on collision.
• Leave decals behind on collision.
• Works great with rigidbodies connected by joints as well as ragdolls.

• Utilize Impact to play different footstep sounds based on the material a character is walking over.
• Easily integrate with any character movement system.

• Use Impact to play sounds, emit particles, and place decals for bullet impacts.
• Easily integrate with any weapon or projectile system.

• Impact was designed with extensibility as a key goal. You can customize just about any part of the system from custom triggers, to custom objects, to custom interactions.
• Full source code is included!

• FMOD integration!

Asset version: 1.9.5
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