Animal Controller v1.3.2a

Animal Controller

Animal Controller – download Unity asset


⭐IMPORTANT⭐ This asset is included in Horse Animset Pro(HAP). If you are going to use HAP too, You don't have to buy AC

✅✅Upgrading to 1.2+ ✅✅

A lot of Scripts have been removed, so to have a smooth Upgrade you need to follow these steps:

1- Remove the [ Malbers Animation\Common ] Folder.

2- Import the [Animal Controller 1.2+] or [Horse Animset Pro 4.2+] to your project again

3- Import any Malbers Creature/Animal with the latest Version to Update the Prefabs and Assets

Common Issues when Upgrading(AC)

Animal Controller(AC) is an animation framework controller, root-motion or In Place, for any creature or HUMANOID character.

AC is the base controller for all my Assets, but you can use is on any other asset on the Store.

It was built from the ground up with over 3 years of experience to make all my assets shine even more with a smooth and modular controller.

AC is based on States and Modes. States like, Locomotion, Idle, Jump, Fall, Fly, Swim.. and Modes Like Main Attacks, Secondary Attacks, Hits, Actions, etc.

States are the Animations that contains certain Logic and they cannot overlap each other (Ex: You cannot swim and fly at the same time.

Modes are the Animations that be used while a state Animation is playing (Ex: Attack while flying or Running)


- Modular System base on States

- Stance Animations

- Zones to activate States,Stances or Modes

- Platforms Logic

- Terrain Alignment

- Non Dependency System for Reference connections

- Mobile Ready

- Compatible with Rewired

- Scriptable Variables

- Stats (Health, Stamina, Air)

- Head Look At

- Nav Mesh AI Control

- Point & Click

- Mesh Changer

- Material Changer

- Pick Up Drop Logic

- Blendshapes/Morphs Manager

- Scalable Control

- Steps Manager

- Effect Manager

- Respawner & CheckPoints

- Gravity Changer

- Brain AI

- Clean and easy to read Animator

- Full C# source code is provided

Asset version: 1.3.2a
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