MapMagic 2 Bundle v2.1.9

MapMagic 2 Bundle

MapMagic 2 Bundle – download Unity asset

Full MapMagic 2 asset together with three default modules that turn it from terrain tool to full-scale world creator: Objects, Splines and Biomes. Made to simplify downloading, installation and update. Helps to avoid compatibility issues between modules with different versions. The summary price of 3 modules and the price of this asset are equal.

The Bundle also brings clarity to correlation with MapMagic World Generator: this is the next iteration of MapMagic: it can do everything MMWG can, even more, even faster - except Voxeland nodes.

MapMagic is a node based procedural and infinite game map generator. Can create a playable and nice-looking terrain of any size in a couple of minutes with the help of graph and nodes workflow. Also supports creating endless maps by generating new terrains in playmode. Modules, included in Bundle, can place objects, biomes and roads.

Each node on a graph represents a terrain or object generator: noise, voronoi, blend, curve, erosion, etc. Once the nodes are connected the magic happens: a game map will be created without any human involvement.

Out of the box compatibility with: CTS, MegaSplat, MicroSplat, Vegetation Studio Pro. And in pinned (non-dynamic) mode: with all of the assets using standard Unity terrains.

The asset comes with the full source code.

Asset version: 2.1.9
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