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Map Graph

Download Unity Asset – Map Graph (Latest version 2022, $50 USD)

Map Graph offers you the tools to create your own unique level generators. Using a visual node-based editor you can create the level generators that perfectly suit the needs of your own unique game.

Map Graph is the plugin for all of your level generation needs.

Map Graph is more than a procedural level generator. Instead of providing you with a single solution, Map Graph offers you the tools to easily create countless of different level generators. So that you can create your your own unique level generator to perfectly suit the needs of your own unique game.

🗺️ Features

• The visual node-based editor makes it easy to create your own level generators by dragging, dropping and connecting nodes. No coding required.

• Preview images show the result of each node, allowing you to easily see what's happening and to make quick adjustments, so you end up with the exact level generator you need.

• With over a 100 different nodes at your disposal, you can completely customize your level generators.

• Generate levels in the editor or at runtime.

• Generate game objects from prefabs or tilemaps.

• Create your own reusable subgraphs.

• Use the asynchronous and multi-threading modes to generate levels at runtime without interruptions to gameplay.

• Includes a sample project consisting of 16 examples.

• Includes extensive documentation, containing tutorials, a complete node index and API reference.

🔧 Features for coders

• Easy to use API, to generate maps from scripts.

• Easily extendable by writing your own custom nodes.

• Source code included.

Asset uses:

DeBroglie under MIT.
MIConvexHull under MIT.
QuikGraph under Ms-PL.
Delaunator C# under MIT.

See Third-Party Notices.txt file in package for details.

Asset version: 1.19.2
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