Ultimate Decals (Deferred, Forward, URP) v1.1

Ultimate Decals (Deferred, Forward, URP)

Ultimate Decals (Deferred, Forward, URP) – download Unity asset

Easy to use but powerful decal system for Unity.

Supported pipelines
— Built-in Deferred and Forward (2018.4 − 2019.4)
— URP 7.3+ (2019.3), URP 7.4+ (2019.4)

Main features
— Supports all PBR workflows (Metallic/Specular/Smoothness/Roughness)
— Supports Windows, Linux, Mac, DX11, DX12, Vulkan, Metal, OpenGL 4.1+
— Supports Single Pass Stereo

Beta features
— Experimental OpenGL ES 3.0+ (Android) support
Note: not fully optimized for mobiles yet

Please refer to the documentation to learn more about supported pipelines and platforms, their limitations and requirements.

Asset version: 1.1
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