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Path Painter™ II

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Path Painter II has been a huge effort and it ended up to be pretty much a complete rewrite. It includes a number of complex systems to bring the new features we deemed necessary, while keeping all the Path Painter features everyone knows and loves. It's bound to have some bugs or other issues, and for this reason, we first release a Beta version for our existing users, who have been looking forward to this. If you are thinking to purchase Path Painter, please head over to the stable version and do it there. You will be able to use this version as well.

Welcome to Path Painter, the path creation system for Unity 3D.

Whether you are making a ramp, a path, mountains riverbeds or a lakebeds, Path Painter makes terrain based path creation and texturing a breeze!

Path Painter allows you to:
• Create paths;
• Create ramps;
• Create roads;
• Create plateaus for secret forts;
• Create lake- and riverbeds;
• Create play areas;
• Change terrain shape along path;
• Re-texture along path and embankments;
• Clear grass and trees along path;
• Use various algorithms for natural clearing;
• [NEW] Stitch Unity terrains;
• [NEW] Paint across several terrain tiles even in Unity 5.6 and onwards;
• [NEW] Use any combination of terrain shaping, texturing and
vegetation clearing;

More features:
• Standard Unity terrain compatible;
• [NEW] Auto Terrain Layer (texture) propagation;
• [NEW] Help at your fingertips: Includes informative tooltips and a Help
System for quick answers and tips;
• [NEW] API to drive Path Painter;
• [NEW] API Extra mode that behaves the way generally expected when using
splines (compared to the normal painting behaviour used by the GUI);
• [NEW] API ⚡ Bulk painting. Use to avoid Unity's and other overheads to get
the best performance when painting several paths at once;
• [NEW] Path Painter remembers your settings for each of your projects, so
you can pick up where you left off;
• 15+ Unity versions supported (Unity 5.6+);

⚠️ This asset is provided in DLL form rather than with source code. If you would also like to purchase the source, then please contact us directly.

⚠️ Path Painter is not a mesh creator, so if you are making rivers/lakes, you would typically also use a water component like Unity Standard Assets Water (seen in the videos).

⚠️ We can only support stable versions of Unity. Alpha, Beta and low patch number Unity versions often have problems that are out of our control.

Asset version: 2.1.4
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