Traversal (Game Creator 1) v0.1.6

Traversal (Game Creator 1)

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This module allows characters to traverse the environment through multiple built-in and fully customizable obstacles and climbable elements.

Traversal is an extension for Game Creator and won't work without it.


Vault over small obstacles
Precise Jump towards a fixed destination
Step or Mantle over ledges of any size
Climb any surface placing ledges and holding spots
Take Cover over high and low obstacles
Climb ladders or or down and jump side-ways
Carefully walk over Balance planks
Wall-Run to reach new platforms
Slide down using a Zip-Line
Become a ninja with a customizable Grapple-Hook
No configuration! Everything works from the beginning
Extendable through our open API
No mecanim! We use a custom animation system built on top of Unity

Asset version: 0.1.6
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