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Dungeon Maker

Dungeon Maker – download Unity asset

Dungeon Maker is a design tool for generating random levels. It will allow you to create visually unique and beautifully designed levels without sacrificing procedural generation.

Designs high quality dungeons with infinite levels without having to code!


Initially it was conceived for dungeon games but in fact it can be applied to literally any type of game. This great adaptability is mainly due to its powerful, intuitive and flexible node editor.

In essence, Dungeon Maker is a concept correlator.
It can be applied to any game that requires to create a structure of random elements, maintaining and respecting a logical order highly predesigned by a human.

This system solves the disadvantages of conventional procedural dungeon generators, such as lack of originality and detail.


✔️ Easy
Extremely simple to control and use.

✔️ Flexible
Thanks to its node editor you will be able to generate very different dungeons.

✔️ Efficient
The dungeons are generated in a matter of seconds in the editor or at runtime.

✔️ Support
It allows 2D and 3D creations for any type of platform and device.

✔️ Multithreading
It improves game performance by separating the dungeon generation from Unity's main processing thread.

✔️ Extensible
Create your logic to make more customized and complex dungeons.

✔️ Documented
It includes updated documentation about the plugin.

✔️ Demos
• Isaac (2D Dungeon)
• Corridors (3D Dungeon)
• Islands (Experimental)

Asset version: 1.6
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