Mobile Traffic System v1.3.3

Mobile Traffic System

Mobile Traffic System – download Unity asset

Highly performant and easy to use traffic system that can make any driving game more fun to play in just a few clicks. No coding is required to set it up and detailed video tutorials are available.Key Features:
High performance - 300 cars on a 2018 Android device (Test it yourself).
No coding skills required.
Traffic lights intersections support.
Priority intersections support - cars decide by themselves to wait or to enter an intersection.
Roundabout support - cars wait until the roundabout is free.
Narrow road support - cars wait until the lane is free before changing it.
Overtake - cars automatically overtake each other if the road has multiple lanes.
Building avoidance - if a car hits a building, it will try to recover itself.
Customizable car properties - acceleration, max speed, brake speed, steer angle etc.
Variable number of wheels - from 3 to as many as you want.
Automatically car assignments - made just by pressing a button.
Speed routes - set speed restrictions for some lanes or areas and all cars will follow them.
Car types - assign different types to cars and you can restrict access on some roads based on car types (ex: trucks are allowed only on the first lane and are not allowed inside the cities).
Lights support - main lights, brake lights, blinkers, reverse lights that automatically work.
Sound support - basic engine sound for each car based on acceleration and speed.
Hard shadow support - useful is you need even more performance.
Custom editor tools - a lot of editor windows to make the integration process as smooth as possible.
Simple API for advanced functionalities.

Asset version: 1.3.3
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