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Easy State

Easy State – download Unity asset

The main goal of Easy State is to provide a visual editor for state machines that provide flexibility without sacrificing simplicity or performance. Combining all the functionality of a standard state machine with the best parts of behavior trees and utility based state machines, Easy State provides a platform to design and create complex behaviors, while providing top tier performance. Some visual scripting tools attempt to replace the need for coding this tool is a framework that keeps your code compact organized and easy to debug. This asset is not a code free tool and requires some coding experience.

- Visual designer
- Custom state machine components
- Event driven
- Built in high performance update system
- Debugger window
- Strongly typed design
- No GC after initialization
- Promotes good coding habits
- Easily update and copy existing behaviors
- Highly configurable
- Extensive documentation included
- Easy to learn
- Multiple demos included

Asset version: 3.1.3
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