Airy UI - Easy UI Animation v1.2.5

Airy UI - Easy UI Animation

Airy UI – Easy UI Animation – download Unity asset

This asset saves you all that effort and time. you can easily animate the UI as well as add responsiveness to all screen sizes. You don't need to type any line of code. Try it and you won't regret.


Airy UI is a Unity plugin that makes it very easy to create, manage, and control UI elements.

You can easily create menus and popups animations away from Unity animation system and without writing one line of code.

You can select your animations from Airy UI presets or you can make your own custom animation using Airy UI very fast.

Airy UI also makes it easy to set the UI elements' anchors with just a single click In addition to a professional ESC and Back button functionality to hide and close the menus.

Airy UI saves a lot of effort and a huge amount of time.

Asset version: 1.2.5
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