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UniWebView 4

UniWebView 4 – download Unity asset

UniWebView is a Unity 3D plugin for adding a web view component to your Unity 3D mobile games.

UniWebView includes a set of abstract high level APIs in C#, which wrapped the native APIs of iOS and Android platforms. With UniWebView, you can have some behaviors like a browser into your games without knowing anything about native development. It is very useful when you need to show an announcement or notice, add a leader board for player rankings, or just display any web pages to your users.

UniWebView supports running on iOS 9.0 or above, and Android 5.0 (API Level 21) or above. It also contains fully functional support on Unity Editor on macOS.

Unity 2018.3 or later is required.


Web Browsing on Internet
Safe Browsing Mode for OAuth or sharing cookie with system browser
Loading local HTML files
Full jаvascript Support
Message System based on url scheme
Setting Position and Size by either absolute values or reference Relative Unity UI element
Playing YouTube, Vimeo or local videos
Getting Photos and Uploading
Clicking through trasparent area of web view. Creating game UI with web page

Asset version: 4.12.1
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