Vault Inventory v22.4.2

Vault Inventory

Download Unity Asset – Vault Inventory supports your design requirements from Editor to Runtime with an intuitive designer dashboard and runtime UI components / prefabs for a smooth multiplayer inventory experience.

Looking for a multiplayer inventory system?

Vault Inventory allows you to design your items in a single dashboard, without the hassles of the Project Hierarchy or 3rd party tools. Don't worry about networking, server authority or working with confusing UI components because Vault Inventory is a no-fuss solution, just load up and get to work designing your game.

Confused by complicated SQL, XML, LUA, plugins and cloud services?

Well good news - Vault Inventory doesn't use any of those things! The straightforward ScriptableObject database is is native to Unity, stable and hassle free. The Dashboard makes interacting with the data a simple and intuitive process - plus it works on all platforms, has no maintenance fees and is virtually future-proof!

Wondering how it technically does that?

Data entries are stored as unique ScriptableObject .asset files and managed internally. To reference your data, just select it from an auto-generated dropdown menu in the Inspector. The database comes with a very easy to use "Dashboard" where all of your data is accessible, searchable and editable in the same place. Custom property drawers are supported.

Worried about Networking?

We support both Mirror and FishNet! Take your pick! You can swap between them easily and both assets have strong communities if you need support. Don't worry about cheaters in your game - we designed Vault Inventory to be completely Host-Authorative so there is no risk of Client exploitation!

Looking for a Single Player Only solution?

No problem! Delete the networking system and our Network Imposter system will take over so everything will work just the same but without any netcode! Wizardry!

Asset version: 22.4.2
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