Wrapping rope v3.0

Wrapping rope

Wrapping rope – download Unity asset.

Wrapping rope is a tool for creating thin rope stretched between two points. Wrapping rope does not provide realistic rope physics, but very useful if you want to show very long rope, that could bend, if it collides with other objects. For example, you can use this tool for creating bungee cord, sling, cable railway, catapult.

The rope can not wrap any object marked as “static” in Inspector due to mesh inaccessibility.
The rope can not wrap itself or another rope.
Any object without Mesh Renderer and Mesh Filter could not be wrapped.

Key features:
Works in editor
Profile customizing
Fore texturing modes
The body of rope could be rendered as finite segments or procedural mesh
Elastic and swinging physics

Asset version: 3.0
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