Leaning Animator v1.0.1

Leaning Animator

Leaning Animator – download Unity asset.

Boost feeling of your biped characters movement animations with procedural leaning algorithms for whole object, spine bones and arms!

Instant setup with few clicks and then tweak it to your needs!

Component is dedicated to biped/humanoidal characters, works on

any animation setups, no matter if it's humanoid, generic or legacy type.

Use ground adjust features to align character model to ground using whole model rotation with spine rotation alignment to animate simulation of character finding balance pose when running on uneven terrain.

Package works on all SRPs! It's not shader related package.

(You just need to covert standard Demo materials for demo examples)

Built In | LWRP | URP | HDRP | Custom RP


• Fast setup

• Good performance

• Clean and compact inspector window

• Works on all types of skeleton

• Source code with helpful classes included

Asset version: 1.0.1
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