Asset Cleaner PRO - Clean | Find References v1.26

Asset Cleaner PRO - Clean | Find References

Asset Cleaner PRO - Clean | Find References – download Unity asset.

Have you dreamed of keeping your project always clean and well-organized?
Automatically seeing the useless and useful in your project, in real-time?
Safely removing unused files, and figuring out where others are being utilized?

Yes? Then you can rely on the powerful yet seamless helper, Asset Cleaner PRO!

Feature 1 - Project Cleaner:
✔ Non-distracting UI to let you focus on your primary needs. Best use Dockable
✔ Enhanced Project View:
- Unused files marked RED
- Unused assets & scenes counters on folders
- Unused assets & scenes size on both folders and files
- Support for Editor Dark skin
✔ Actions for unused files:
- Clean single asset/scene
- Clean assets/scenes in certain folders
- Clean assets/scenes via multiselect, all combinations are supported
✔ Customizable:
- Ignored folders support
- Ignore option for Materials & ScriptableObjects
- Customize background color for unused files (default one is red)

Feature 2 - Find References:
✔ Blazing fast. Changes in usages are instantly displayed
✔ Find references, usages, relationships easily in Project or Scene:
- Nested Prefabs support
- All asset types usages support incl. AnimatorController states
✔ Explore usages & references:
- Lock & Back/Forward features available
- Back/Forward hotkeys Ctrl+Z/Ctrl+Y, mouse hotkeys support

Asset version: 1.26
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