Waypoint Indicators v1.4.6

Waypoint Indicators

Waypoint Indicators – download Unreal Engine asset.

Waypoint Indicators is a powerful tool that adds text and animated graphical indicators to any game object with a single script. Perfect for targeting objects, setting destination points, calling out pickup items, and much more! Over 20 custom-made icons included in your example scene to get you started. More than 60 options to tweak and combine for a unique looking indicator that will fit almost any project type. No messy scripts or complicated setup needed. All you need is a Canvas with a screen space mode set to Overlay, a Camera and a Game Object to attach the script to. Detailed documentation included to get your waypoints looking awesome. Add Waypoint Indicators to your project today!

Many Ways to Customize:

On/Off screen indicators with adjustable formattin
Specify min and max display ranges to reduce icon clutter
Supports prefab UI objects with timeline animations, Sprites and Text
Depth control for custom asset stacking order
Fade or scale assets based off distance
Rotational pointing
Customizable text formatting
Distance can be calculated form any tagged object
Customizable sprite coloring
Adjustable display range
Stack multiple scripts on one object for extra functionality

Package Features:

Split screen support
Switch between multiple cameras
Supports delegate calls for complex and dynamic functionality
Automatically detects and supports all canvas render modes: Overlay, Camera, and World Space for maximum customization and flexibility
Two available tracking types, Standard and Centered that can be enabled simultaneously
Individually adjustable assets independent from parent indicator
AR/VR Compatible
20+ custom indicator icons inspired by popular games included
Custom inspector interface
Clean, commented C# code
Custom written error logs for easy debugging
Performance tested
TextMeshPro ready
Detailed documentation
Quick, responsive customer support
First person controller
Two example scenes: Day and Night
Bonus custom space skybox to use freely without restrictions
Supports Curved UI Asset
Supports Unity XR Interaction Toolkit

Asset version: 1.4.6
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