Realistic Bullet Ballistics v1.0

Realistic Bullet Ballistics

Realistic Bullet Ballistics – free download Unity asset.

Complete bullet and projectile simulation with real physics and save collision detections.

Simulated is:
- weapon energy in joule
- bullet mass
- bullet caliber
- aerodynamic drag
- gravity
- wind zones
- ricochets
- shots from moving objects
- impacts
- bullet shells

A simple simulation is possible without any additional scripts. But it is recommended to do some fine tuning in your scripts. There are powerful tools to do that.

You can get many information about the impact:

- total bullet energy
- bullet speed on impact
- impact energy
- true impact or just bounced?
- impact angle
- coming from direction
- normal of impact area
- triangle index of impact area
- uv texture coordinates
- number of bounces before impact

Asset version: 1.0
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