Eadon Survival for Invector TPC v1.3.1

Eadon Survival for Invector TPC

Eadon Survival for Invector is a complete survival toolkit for use with Invector TPC (Melee or Shooter). It implements all the traditional mechanics from the genre, such as hunger, thirst, injuries, sicknesses, cold and heat, etc.


When you import the asset, follow the instructions in the scene view

Fully documented!

This asset comes with extensive in-depth documentation which can be found here on our website.

It has the following features:

Hunger and thirst management
Temperature handling (via Enviro integration)
Night and day management (via Enviro integration) with different hunger/thirst profiles
Specific cures for different sicknesses
Injuries (from critical attacks or being damaged when below a threshold)
Custom debilitating effects for sicknesses
Custom debilitating effects for injuries, including preventing equipping items on broken arms
A bonfire system, letting you warm up, heal and rest
Free bonus asset: Eadon Enviro Integration, a set of scripts and assets to display in game the time of day, the weather, and manipulate time

Asset version: 1.3.1
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