Mobile Ads (GDPR & iOS 14.5 Compliant) v1.10.8

Mobile Ads (GDPR & iOS 14.5 Compliant)

Mobile Ads (GDPR & iOS 14.5 Compliant) – free download Unity asset.

The easiest way to add ads inside your application with little codding required and fully compatible with visual scripting tools.

Key features:

- Integrate easily all supported advertisers simply by importing their SDK, no other settings are required. It is not mandatory to integrate all/any of the supported advertisers to work.

- Load ad from any ad platform using the same line of code.

- Customizable mediation policy by using either order mediation or percent based mediation.

- Read mediation config file from an external server of choice to allow the ad display order to be changed without uploading a new build to the store.

- Works for Android, iOS and Windows store.(Vungle SDK currently has some problems with Unity versions 2017.3 and above for Windows builds)

- Built in Remove Ads functionality.

- GDPR, COPPA, CCPA Compliant.

- iOS 14.5 App Tracking Transparency compatible.

Compatible with the following visual scripting tools:

- Bolt - (Integration Tutorial)

- Game Flow - (Integration Tutorial)

- Playmaker - (Integration Tutorial)

This asset is also included in Mobile Tools. A more complex pack that includes In App Purchase, Achievements and Leaderboards and Save solutions. All are integrated in a complete game, also included, so you will have a complete example of how to use each one.

Asset version: 1.10.8
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