Procedural Circular Health Bar v1.0

Procedural Circular Health Bar

Procedural Circular Health Bar – download Unity asset.

Satisfy all your circular health bar needs with this versatile asset now compatible with all Unity Render Pipelines!

Easy to Use Simply add the prefab to your scene or add the script to a GameObject and you are good to go! Use pre-made methods to add/remove or set health in percent or custom values!

Fully Customizable With various properties, customize your health bar to your heart's content. Set the color, line-width, radius and segment count of your health bar.

Segmented! You can set a segment count for your health bars! You can have no segments or many, depending on your needs. This also affects the health bar values. So if you have 5 segments, removing 2.5 segments sets you at half health.

UI and non-UI Works with SpriteRenderer or Image Components!

Easy scripting prebuilt Methods Simply access your health bars by reference and easily change settings with built-in methods.

Asset version: 1.0
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