VariaBULLET2D Projectile & Bullet Hell System v1.06

VariaBULLET2D Projectile & Bullet Hell System

Unity Asset Store – VariaBULLET2D Projectile & Bullet Hell System.

VariaBULLET2D is a complete 2D projectile system for Unity!

It's built to be extremely flexible, intuitive and simple to use whether when visually constructing emitter patterns in the editor or when extending the code to create your own unique shot types.

The system is easily integrated with existing projects or you can use any of the 65+ included scenes as a foundation for a new one, complete with character controllers, collision management scripts for dealing damage, destroying objects and instantiating explosions... and a lot more!

All game types and orientations are supported: vertical, horizontal, omni-directional, bullethell, sidescrolling, top-down, puzzle, physics, non-physics... basically any 2D style game that requires projectiles!

ONE SYSTEM. ENDLESS USES: The system is precisely the same whether constructing relatively simple player, enemy or weapon shot patterns or wild & complex clusters which fill the screen.

THE UNITY YOU KNOW AND LOVE: VariaBULLET2D was 100% constructed natively using Unity's built-in method and component system that you already understand. No messing around with a whole different set of scripting procedures, languages or hidden code!

NO SCRIPTING REQUIRED: Great care was taken to not only make VariaBULLET2D extremely simple to understand and extend with your own behaviors, but to also allow a great deal of behaviour to be determined visually, directly within the editor!

HIGHLY EFFICIENT: Since the underlying behaviors are completely written in Unity, there is no added overhead and with the added efficiency of optional object pooling you can get thousands of concurrent bullets without sacrificing FPS.

Asset version: 1.06
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