Fluid Flow 2 v2.3

Fluid Flow 2

Fluid Flow 2 – download Unity asset.

Fluid Flow allows you to paint fluid to your objects in real time, and simulate it flowing down the surface dynamically. Use it for blood, paint, or any other kind of fluid.

The main feature of Fluid Flow is the dynamic fluid simulation.

However, you can also use it just for real-time 3D texture painting/decals, which also supports skinned mesh renderers.

The texture painting and flow simulation are handled fully on the GPU for optimal performance.

Fluid Flow is not a 100% physically accurate fluid simulation, but it provides good-looking fluid for your games at a very low performance cost!

As fluid is painted and simulated in UV space, your meshes require a UV unwrap with non-overlapping UV islands, so there is a 1:1 correlation between the object's surface and the texture.

You can also configure Fluid Flow to use the lightmap UV set, which can be generated by unity automatically.

Please note that your objects require a special shader for overlaying the fluid, or when using the texture atlas system.

There are basic surface and shader graph shaders included. Alternatively, you can easily create your own supported shaders with the provided custom shader graph nodes, or shader utility functions.

Tested successfully on windows, android, and WebGL.

Asset version: 2.3
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