RASCAL Skinned Mesh Collider v1.32

RASCAL Skinned Mesh Collider

RASCAL Skinned Mesh Collider – download Unity asset.

Ever desired accurate skinned mesh collision? Desire no more as here it is, RASCAL!
Realtime Accurate SkinnedMesh Collision Autogeneration Logic!

A very simple to use, robust collision system for skinned meshes with many settings to tweak to your needs.
Using RASCAL can be as easy as adding the component and pressing generate!

~Generate bone-based mesh colliders for your skinned mesh(es)
~A method of asynchronously updating the colliders with a set CPU time budget for stable performance
~Large portions of the most expensive aspects can be multi-threaded on newer Unity versions
~Get Accurate mesh UV's from collision and raycasts
~System for applying physics materials based on mesh, material, or bone transform
~Exclude vertices from colliders by use of exclusion texture map
~Can split colliders by mesh material for applying physics materials to individual materials or excluding certain materials from collision
~Ability to use convex colliders
~Custom easy to use inspector window
~All variables in inspector have clear tooltips
~Detailed example scenes provided for your convenience
~Full source code available for modification or extension

• Lovingly named after that rascal, Unity-Chan.
• Support below unity 5.4 not guaranteed, unity 5.0 seems to have a bug causing a memory leak with this script.
• Newer version of Unity with async/task support required for newer fancy asynchronous features.
• Unity 2019.3 and up supports async threaded collision mesh baking.
• This is a powerful tool, develop responsibly.

Asset version: 1.32
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