Ignis - Interactive Fire v2.1.2

Ignis - Interactive Fire

Download Unity Asset – Ignis – Interactive Fire. Want to play with fire? Convert any object, vegetation or skinned mesh into a flammable object. Ignite, spread, extinguish or let your flames burn out naturally.

Want to play with fire? If yes, then Ignis is just the right tool for you. With Ignis you can convert any object, vegetation or skinned mesh with bones to a flammable object and it will automatically catch flame. The flames can then spread, ignite other objects, be extinguished by particles or raycast or be burnt out naturally. Ignis - Interactive Fire System is designed to be easy and fast to use.

Ignis comes with a suite of customization options. For example, if your object is not fully wooden or you want only some parts to burn, do not worry: you can easily set up your object to flame up exactly the way you want it to.

Asset version: 2.1.2
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