Ultimate Crafting System v1.2.2

Ultimate Crafting System

Download Unity Asset – The Ultimate System for any Crafting Game

The Ultimate Crafting System is your complete solution for crafting games. From the very basics of the smooth item and recipe creation to a robust placement and energy transfer system, it's got it all. Can be used in both 3D and 2D games as well. Great for simple games on their own, yet extensible for programmers to channel its Ultimate power!

— Content —

- Point-and-Click Third-person Demo Scene

- First-person Demo Scene

- Inventory System

- Item creation from an easy-to-use interface

- Category creation for adding data to items

- Crafting, traditional and table-based recipes both supported

- Gathering - Item Toss and Pickup

- Object Placement and Connection System

- Item Instance / Unique Item Support

- Energy / Item Transfer System

- Command System

- Free updates

- URP support watch

- VR/AR ready

- 43 icons

- over 100 models

- Simple to use, well organized

— Scenes —

- Spaceship - Third person

You can play this demoscene as a game

- Spaceship - First Person

You can play this demoscene as a game

- Models

All the static models in the pack

Asset version: 1.2.2
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