FGear Vehicle Physics (Unity) v1.11

FGear Vehicle Physics (Unity)

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FGear is a custom vehicle physics solution for unity that helps you build arcade or semi-arcade style racing games. The package consists of a core module and some extra features that were used for making the demo scenes. It is mostly focused on 4 wheel cars but multi axle setups are also possible.

Core features:
-Desktop or mobile
-Single script component for a driveable vehicle
-Full source code
-Adjustable integration steps
-Simplified pacejka, pacejka96 and MF6.1 tire model options
-3D wheel support(multiple raycasts or sphere/convex cast)
-Simple engine model with a torque curve
-Configurable auto/sequential/manual(h-pattern) transmissions
-Open, locked or lsd differentials
-Ackerman steering, toe and camber
-Adjustable torque and brake distribution of axles
-Simple spring/damper suspensions with preload option
-AeroDynamics component for drag and downforce effects
-Standard input manager with keyboard,joystick and wheel+shifter support
-Driving aids like abs, asr, esp and anti roll bars
-Detailed telemetry ui
-Basic save/load system for fast prototyping
-Various sample setups and demos

Asset version: 1.11
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