Magic Mirror Pro - Recursive Edition v1.0.5

Magic Mirror Pro - Recursive Edition

Unity Asset Store – Magic Mirror Pro – Recursive Edition.

Recursive reflections for Unity are finally here! Magic Mirror Pro - Recursive Edition is the first asset to provide proper recursive reflections. A fix for recursive water reflections is also included!

Using clever math, shaders and scripting, recursive reflections are provided and look beautiful and perform well.

Shadows are even rendered properly in all layers of recursion! This can be tuned for performance, among other properties such as what layers to render in the mirror.

Single pass is supported on HTC Vive. Oculus and Google may have single pass issues. I am investigating. Due to Unity limitations, a full render pass is required for each eye.

The creepy little voodoo thingy is also included, use it to really spice up your game.

Some tuning may be required for VR, mobile and deep recursive reflection settings. Please send me any and all feedback and bug reports.

Known issues:
- Only two mirrors are currently supported. I am investigating a bug with more than two mirrors, but do not have any ETA for a fix.
- Scriptable render pipelines are not supported.
- Android VR is not supported.
- Multi-pass on MAC is broken.

Asset version: 1.0.5
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