Managed Singletons v3.1.0

Managed Singletons

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Managed Singletons is a Singleton code suite designed to provide the necessary Singleton functionality and eliminate common problems DTT encountered while working with them. As a whole, this suite can save you dozens of hours worth of debugging and testing.


Various types of Singletons, such as: Classic, Lazy (only created when called), Scene (always active in their given scene, never outside of it), and Editor.
A clear editor window that provides an overview of singletons you have created in the project and allows you to configure the way your singletons are created during the lifetime of your application.
Flexibility of singleton creation by making them available before the first scene is loaded. This ensures your singletons are created independent of which scene you start in.
Availability of singletons at any point during the application’s lifecycle.

Asset version: 3.1.0
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