Low Poly Terrain - Polaris 2020 v2020.2.17

Low Poly Terrain - Polaris 2020

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The complete solution for Low Poly Terrain creation you deserve!

Continuing the success of Polaris V2, we proudly present to you, the Polaris 2020. Harness the power of the Burst Compiler, C# Job System and instanced rendering, as well as workflow revisited, it allows you to create a much larger and more stunning worlds.

Polaris is a user friendly low poly terrain tool which help you to create gorgeous landscapes, that can run well on both Desktop, Mobile and VR applications, save you a lot of time and effort!

Polaris provides everything you need from sculpting, texturing, planting, decorating and rendering. All in one place.

Polaris let you work with traditional painting or the modern procedural workflow, or somewhere in between.


• Optimal performance: Everything run smoothly both in game and in editor, scale across low end mobile devices to powerful PCs.

• Highly customizable: Provided shaders cover many art styles, you can tailor the system to your special needs. You take control of nearly everything.

• Professional customer service: Get support right in the editor, or via email, or Discord. Quick response time.


• Super easy to learn: Familiar workflow, no more guessing works thank to Live Preview, in depth documents, or even get the answer right in the Editor before you have to reach out!

• Multi-threaded & GPU accelerated: Harness the power of Burst Compiler, C# Job System and GPU calculation. Get instant result, in real-time. Multi-terrains editing handled with ease.

• Modern & easy to use toolbox: Complete tool set with some familiar and some unique you can't find anywhere.

◦ Paint tools: About 20 types of painter, support runtime painting.

◦ Spline tools: Making roads, ramps, rivers, etc.

◦ Stamp tools: Procedural sculpting, texturing and spawning.

◦ Billboard editor: Creating billboard assets.

◦ Texture creator: Texture authoring.

◦ Group tool: Multi-terrains management.

◦ Backup tool: Backup and undo.

◦ Data tools: Import and export data.

◦ Converter: Convert Unity terrain to Polaris, for migrating from other terrain tools.

◦ Extension system: Adding modules or integration with other assets.

◦ Help tool: Search for FAQ right in the Editor.

• Advanced geometry generation: Speed up your scene with dynamic mesh wireframing, multiple levels of detail (up to 4 levels), Unity Navigation System compatible; more interesting geometry with cross-tiles matching, XZ plane displacement, holes, flat/smooth normal mixing.

• Massive foliage rendering: Dense forest rendered within a blink of the eyes with GPU Instancing, no Game Object overhead, billboard rendering & grass wind animation as well as interactive grass.

• Unlimited shading styles: From Lambert, Blinn Phong to Physical Based; from Gradient Lookup, Color map, Vertex Color to Splats; whatever!

• VR ready: Achieve an immersive and high performance VR experience in no time. Tested on Oculus Rift S.

Asset version: 2020.2.17
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