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SensorToolkit 2

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SensorToolkit is a powerful abstraction over the built-in Unity functions like Raycasts, Overlaps and Trigger Colliders. Each sensor is a standalone component that you can put on your GameObjects and configure. They can be queried for what they detect, and provide additional information such as a targets visibility or shape.


• Works in 2D and 3D.

• Many sensor types: Raycasting, Volume, Steering, Line of Sight and more.

• Lightweight and modular. Sensors are independent components that feel native to Unity.

• Easy to integrate with your project. Add a sensor component, configure it and you're done.

• Unopinionated and flexible, design your game however you want.

• Many filtering options and querying functions for fine-tuning what to detect.

• Detect individual colliders or rigid bodies composed of multiple colliders.

• Advanced line-of-sight implementation can calculate partial visibility.

• Test sensors in the editor and confirm their configurations before running the game.

• Upgraded steering behaviour based on 'Context-Based Steering' method.

• Zero garbage generated.

Who is this for:

SensorToolkit is designed for all users, regardless of how you use Unity it's built to make your life easier. Non-programmers will love SensorToolkit because you can compose complex detection behaviour without writing a line of code. The kit is integrated with Playmaker and there are more integrations on the way. Programmers will love SensorToolkit because it's a powerful foundation on which to build AI behaviours. It will manage the complexities of object-detection and provide you a clean and simple interface. Furthermore the widgets and debugging inspectors will help you find configuration issues quickly. You'll reduce boilerplate, and keep your scripts lean and neat.


- Playmaker

- Behavior Designer

- Game Creator 2

More coming...

Asset version: 2.0.3
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