Dialogue 2 v2.0.6

Dialogue 2

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Create your own cutscenes in a matter of seconds! Direct characters, play animations and synchronize them with voice-over and visual effects with ease!

The Dialogue component is the only tool you'll need!

- Everything at a glance in a tree-like structure

- Each line displays the Text

- Use Choice nodes to let the player decide what to say

- Use Random nodes to deliver random lines

- Jump to arbitrary lines to create looped conversations

- Play Animation Clips using the sequencing tool

- Use variables inside the text

- Easily add voice-over

Each Dialogue line can be delivered by a game object. Actors allow to more easily define who's speaking, what's its mood and whether to run any special effects, such as onomatopeyas, or particles.

Automatically save which lines have been spoken and which choices were made, adding a Dialogue memory onto a Remember component.

Automatically choose the best shot to frame the conversation using the new Multi-Camera Shot. Randomly chooses a Camera Shot from a list that has a clear line of sight.


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Asset version: 2.0.6
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