Global Illumination Proxy v1.7.2d

Global Illumination Proxy

Download Unity Asset – Global Illumination Proxy (Latest Version 2022)

Global Illumination Proxy is a light manipulation framework that allows the emulation of indirect global illumination in Unity, with support for all Unity versions & platforms and optimizations for great performance on Mobile systems.

Create spectacular indirect lighting using minimal resources and Unity lights, for maximum compatibility and performance.

The system has been created to deliver realistic GI, scalable depending on the hardware target. It supports all Unity light types (point, spot and directional) and works on all platforms and in both Unity Free and Pro.

The "hero follow" mode allows for GI in open environments, where only the grid close to hero may cast indirect lighting.

New in v1.5
- Second light bounces for enhanced GI accuracy
- IBL Proxy for Sky color based lighting.
- Area lights Proxy (with point lights), GI enabled.
- Support for Jove lights.

The framework is written in C# code and the source code is provided.

Asset version: 1.7.2d
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