Quick Simple Missions v1.3

Quick Simple Missions

Download Unity Asset – Quick Simple Missions.

Build missions quickly with a click of a button. Setup your scene with ease with these simple tools. Get a level up quickly. So work smart, not hard with Quick Simple Missions!

How does it save you time?
This asset will save you time by having no need to code anything for missions. If you are a programmer this can save you time! To help cut down on making simple objectives for the player to achieve during gameplay. This setup is drag and drop ready. This asset also includes simple AI to combat against. The asset also comes with the ability to use a physical door or animated door. It lets you use your own custom models as the mission items. Everything to get your game up fast. Everything is customizable!

You can build open-world missions. You can set your limits or not!.
Whether it be a simple game or an epic quest let Quick Simple Mission help you focus on what you want to achieve fast.

•Editor Tool for quickly building missions
Build Missions with a click!

•Travel Mission: Send the player down a set path.

•Destroy Mission: Eliminate enemies in an area or level.

•Collect Mission: Get your player to collect a certain amount of coins or whatever you desire.

•Escort Mission: Help a lost AI find their way back home or to a special place in your world.

•Search Mission: Search for treasure or loot for your player to find.

•Repair Mission: Something is broken please fix it!.

•Delivery Mission: Can you bring this item back to me?

(AI Builder Wizard)
Build AI types with click!
•Enemy AI (Fight Them)
•Quest AI (Assigns Missions)
•Escort AI (Show them the way)

Mission Item Bulider
Lots of items to build for your game missions!
You can use your own models!

Includes FREE
-Simple AI
Example Scenes to help you!
-Western Demo Game (Shows a mini Game!)
-Missions Demo (Full of simple examples)
-Quest AI Demo (To show the new Quest AI!)

Asset version: 1.3
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