AutoLOD - Impostors v0.2.0

AutoLOD - Impostors

Download Unity Asset: AutoLOD - Impostors (New release 2022)

AutoLOD - Impostors is a simple tool that provide full impostors management, from baking to rendering.

AutoLOD - Impostors is only supported by the standard and the universal render pipelines. HDRP is NOT supported at the moment

What is an impostor?

An impostor is a billboard whose material displays a picture of a 3D object. Depending of the view angle, a different picture of the object will be displayed, to fake a 3D effect.

When should I use it?

Impostors are mainly used to optimize an existing scene, to render static objects far in the distance.

You can also use them to get a unique art style with a 3D "snapping" effect.

Can any object in my scene be replaced by an impostor?

Technically, any object with a mesh renderer attached. But you should only replace static meshes far in the distance. At closer range, you will notice the difference as a simple quad doesn't intersect the same way than the original mesh with surrounding objects. Also, impostors are baked in orthographic view, meaning the perspective will be wrong at close range.

Are impostors compatible with the LODGroup component?

Yes. And you don't have to mess with geometry alignment, the tool has an option to set the LODs for you.

How long does it takes to bake an impostor?

Depending on your hardware and the baking settings, it may take up to 30 seconds.

Is any dependency needed?

No. It is a standalone package.

Asset demo scene uses Ultimate Stylized Nature Pack under CC0 License; see Third-Party Notices.txt file in package for details.

Asset version: 0.2.0
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