Field Of View v1.1

Field Of View

Download Unity Asset – Field of View is a component that helps to implement visualization of the area visible by the character. With its help, it is possible to implement game mechanics nicely represented by stealth-oriented real-time tactics games.

Field of View component has the following features:

● works nicely in 3D mode;

● can be individually/in bulk configured for any number of characters;

● is not static, it simulates the behavior of real character who can look around, seek for someone, etc;

● supports three modes of rotation:

1. ‘calm’ patrol, if no targets have appeared in the Field of View;

2. ‘peer’ on a target, whenever it is inside the Field of View area;

3. ‘cool-down’ after the target has just been gone out of Field of View area;

● supports flexible customisation of rotation patterns;

● supports different timings for target detection and cool-down periods;

● has a very flexible configuration of interaction with the game environment: transparency of every layer can be configured separately;

● allows to style visible Field of View area with colors or textures;

● has editor extension that simplifies the configuration and makes the area visible in both: play and edit modes, thus simplifies the process of level design;

therefore the Field of View behavior can be simulated in a very realistic way.

Field of View has the following limitations:

● Scriptable Render Pipelines (URP or HDRP) are not supported at the moment.

Asset version: 1.1
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