Native SerializableDictionary [Classless] v1.0

Native SerializableDictionary [Classless]

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This is a Dictionary which is serializable in the inspector and is fully JSON serialization compatible. It is made to be as lightweight as possible and supports Unity types being JSON serialized.

SerializableDictionary is a Dictionary

which does not require you to create

any classes for different types.

It doesn't use any custom editor

inspector drawing, any extra or external

extensions, or libraries.

It is fully native to the Unity C#

Environment and displays in the

Inspector using your Unity version.

It is created as the most lightweight,

openly customizable, and extensible

SerializableDictionary while also

including a boxing method for Unity

types so they can be JSON Serializable.

I appreciate all feedback and would love to hear any suggestions to improve this asset. Please leave a comment describing any desired changes, new features, and/or extended support.

Asset version: 1.0
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