Super Text Mesh v1.12.3

Super Text Mesh

Download Unity Asset – Super Text Mesh is a powerful, easy-to-use text renderer that replaces Unity's built-in Text Mesh and UI Text components!

Flies like a Butterfly, Stings like a Bee
Lightweight performance, with a heavyweight punch! Super Text Mesh runs smooth on mobile platforms, and has been featured in game releases on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, too!

All Things, Considered
Auto wrap (text wrap), anchor points, and even best fit text are all configurable in the inspector. SDF Fonts are supported, and STM uses custom shaders to render drop shadows and outlines. There's even a master switch to disable all animated text effects in your game, for easily-added accessibility.

Automatically Reads out Text
Smooth text reading, customizable animations, and even audio tools are built-in to make your game's dialogue text worry-free.

Simple Interface, Strong Controls
It's fast and easy to implement Super Text Mesh into any project. The inspector controls fit right in with Unity's default assets, and there's even support for tools like Playmaker and Adventure Creator!

Customizable, Expressive Rich Text Tags
-Bold, Italic, Size, Relative Size
-Alignment (Left, Right, Center, Justified)
-Line Break
-Quads (Inline Images)
-Any Setting Can Be Changed Mid-String!
-***NEW*** Superscript
-***NEW*** Subscript
-***NEW*** Unicode

Asset version: 1.12.3
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