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InGame Code Editor

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InGame Code Editor is an advanced input field for Unity that makes use of TextMesh Pro to display syntax highlighted code. Much of the inspiration for the syntax highlighting is taken from notepad++ and as a result it is extremely customizable allowing you to add syntax highlighting support for new languages.

Please note that IGCE is an advanced input field and not a fully featured text editor. Features such as menu bars and tool bars will need to be added manually if required.

-Very easy to use. Just drop the prefab into your scene and customize
-Full text editing features that you would expect
-Includes optional line numbers column
-Fully customizable editor themes
-Includes 3 pre-set themes: Light, Dark and Terminal
-Fully customizable syntax highlighting
-Highly optimized lexer for quick syntax highlighting of large text
-Supports syntax highlighting of keywords, symbols, numbers, comments and quote strings
-Keyword groups mean that you can highlight keywords in different colors
-Build in syntax highlighting support for C# (multiple), Lua, MiniScript and JSON
-You can easily add support for additional syntax highlighted languages
Supports basic auto indentation using opening and closing tags
-Fully commented partial C# source code included
-Comprehensive .chm documentation of the API for quick and easy reference

Highlighted Languages
-C# - (2 different themes)

Note that auto indent is only fully implemented for the C# language. Other language themes will have basic or no auto indenting support.

Asset version: 1.1.3
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