GreatSword Animset (UE) v4.21-4.27, 5.0

GreatSword Animset (UE)

Download Unreal Engine Asset – GreatSword Animset – This is a set of 130 animations for GreatSword.

The package inculdes 130 combat animations for GreatSword,not just basic, including all the details of the animation and they are made on Epic Skeleton!

Technical Details

The package includes two different versions - In-place and with Root Motion.

Please attach the weapon model with "ik_hand_r" , and return the location and rotation to zero.

Asset version: 4.21-4.27, 5.0
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    1. I really thank you for upoload the asset that i asked to you. :)
      Great job!!!
    2. Could you upload Twinblades Bundle and Protector as well please?
      Links :

    3. When is the new link coming up? I want to use this asset.
      1. Hi!
        Done - check now
        1. Can you update it in 4.26 version?
          1. will be later - keep for update