Fighter 3 (Pistol) v4.20-4.27

Fighter 3 (Pistol)

Fighter 3 (Pistol) – download Unreal Engine asset (Animation Set).

This pack contains the animations to equip your character with one or two pistols. Each one has its own unique movement set. The single pistol has two variations at the moment, Normal and Flashy. Each type has its own walking, aiming, reload, equip and unequip.

UPDATE 01: Dual Cover animations, Standing and Crouching

If there is anything you want to see in this pack leave a comment or email me at [email protected]


Normal: Rest, Aim, AimOffsets, Cover Stand, Cover Crouch, Reloadx2, Fire, Walk
Flashy: Idles, Zoom, Fire, Reload, Walk
Dual: Idles, Aim, Zoom, Firex3, Walk, Reload, Cover Crouch and Cover Stand

Asset version: 4.20-4.27
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