Female Warrior - Anim Pack v4.2x

Female Warrior - Anim Pack

Female Warrior – Anim Pack – download Unreal Engine asset.

Realistic combat and locomotion animations for a female character

Recommended for a RPG game, a woman protagonist or enemy type character, warrior type of combat. Perfect for souls-like game.

Main Animation List:

8 Attacks (Root Motion (RM) and In Place (InP))

1 Parry (RM and InP)

1 Riposte (RM and InP)

16 Running (RM and InP)

9 Walk (RM and InP)

1 Sprint (RM and InP)

7 Heavy Reaction Hits (RM and InP)

4 Small Reaction Hits (RM and InP)

2 Sit Down (RM and InP)

1 Step Up, Jump Down, Jump Over Fence (RM and InP)

1 Backstabbed, Smashed Down, Get Up, Falling on Knees and on Side (RM and InP)

1 In Combat and Out of Combat Idle

1 Defense Pose

Total: 117 Animations (57 Root Motion, 59 In Place, 1 Pose)

Asset version: 4.2x
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