Swimming Animation Set v4.16-4.27, 5.0

Swimming Animation Set

Download Unreal Engine Asset – A set of swimming animations that allow smooth, dynamic turning.

This is a set of 18 hand-crafted (not motion capture) third person swimming animations, comprised of 6 core motions and several directional variants to allow smooth, dynamic turning.

Includes underwater and surface animations, with each having one idle and two types of swimming strokes
All animations are in-place only
4 BlendSpaces are included as examples of how the directional variants can be blended together
Source FBX files are located in the SourceFiles folder

Note: This is a collection of animation assets only. No Blueprints, water materials or FX are included. Epic mannequin for display purposes.

Asset version: 4.16-4.27, 5.0
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