Auto Instance v4.2x

Auto Instance

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Auto Instance – Automatically convert Static Meshes Actors to Instanced Static Mesh

With one click, all of the Static Mesh Actors over the threshold will be converted to either a Hierarchical or Instanced Static Mesh actor. Target either all different meshes or one particular mesh. One click is enough.

All changed can be saved to your level. Will work with existing levels. Simply import the tool and click to convert.


Convert all Static Mesh Actors in level to Hierarchical- or Instanced Static Mesh Actors.
Save converted actors to level.
Support for multi-layer materials.
Target specific Static Mesh.
Enable/Disable Collision.
Set threshold for amount of meshes needed to be converted.
Convert Instance back to Static Mesh.
Undo/Redo (Default editor functionality).
Works with your existing levels!

Asset version: 4.2x
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